An EXPRA delegation visited Ambiente S.p.A. on June 8, 2017

Recently a delegation of the Technical Working Group of EXPRA, EXtended Producer Responsability Alliance, accompanied by Dr. Amanda Fuso Nerini, responsible for the international activities of CONAI (COnsorzio NAzionale Imballaggi), visited Ambiente S.p.A.

They were present at the meeting:

- Rani Aidler from TMIR organization (Israel);

- Petr Balner of EKOKOM organization (Czech Republic) ;

- Laura Garcia Campo of ECOVIDRIO organization (Spain);

- Vasilis Makridis from HERRCO (Greece);

- Monika Romennska of EXPRA organization (EU);

- Daniel Tabone of GREENPACK (Malta);

- Rosa Trigo from ECOEMBES (Spain);

- Mik Van Gaever from FOST PLUS (Belgium).

The guests visited the new selection plant, verifying the innovative technology that allows to select over 15 different recycled materials for a working capacity up to 100,000 (one hundred thousand) tons / year.

The characteristics of large plant automation and the criteria applied to the safety of operators have also been highlighted.

The discussion concerned too the system organized by CONAI with the affected chain consortia on the recovery and recycling system.

Ambiente expra delegation 2